Birmingham Advertising Photographer // BCU Prospectus Cover

Group of students sat staring into the camera

Birmingham Advertising Photographer // Birmingham City University Prospectus 21/22

Hovering 20-feet in the air above a hundred students, camera in hand, and nerves at bay, it was at this moment I realised; being stuck up a cherry picker at Birmingham City University is a good story to tell.

My work with BCU has been an incredibly rewarding experience, including a variety of commercial shoots to promote faculty facilities, student events, and most recently, the newest BCU Prospectus.

birmingham advertising photographer

I started shooting for BCU in 2016 at a classical performance at Birmingham Conservatoire, which is part of the university. Afterwards, I was asked to come back for a commercial shoot and this really got the ball rolling!

Portrait shots of architecture students… Music studios… Nursing students… The Birmingham School of Acting… Motorsport engineering students… Lifestyle shots around the city centre… and now their newest prospectus.

The Prospectus shoot took place inside the brand new health and education building, and it was great fun to shoot. There were 30 students from various courses, all of them bringing their best confident and proud facial expressions.

We had one day to shoot all the marketing photos (I was on a mission!). It started with the cover shot and then moved onto portraits to be used on the buses, and finally, a large group shot for the two-page spread inside the prospectus.

birmingham advertising photographer

Having that many students on one shoot was super fun but I must admit, it was hard to keep them from corpsing (a.k.a. unintentionally laughing). They were trying really hard to master the serious/confident/proud look with the odd giggle thrown in.

birmingham advertising photographer

All-in-all, another great shoot for BCU and one I will definitely remember. I was really happy with how the shots came out and I’ll never get bored of seeing them around the city.

birmingham advertising photographer

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