London Advertising Photographer // The London Dungeon

london advertising photographer

Feeling lost in a deep underground dungeon with the smell of street sewage wafting past and the sounds of Jack The Ripper’s victims screaming for help might not sound like the recommended working conditions for a london advertising photographer. But when you’re asked to shoot for the London Dungeons, it’s a job you cannot refuse!

Luckily, the shooting took place after hours because the attraction is very busy in the day. It was a fantastic experience to see all the backstage areas of such an iconic location. There were hundreds of costumes and wigs dotted around everywhere you looked.

london advertising photographer

A big thanks to the lovely people at Twelve Agency for organising the job. The shoot had to take place across two evenings, from 5 pm-10 pm both nights, and each location was almost pitch black. This meant I had to light each scene, which is quite testing when you’re against the clock – but very rewarding when teamwork’s involved.

Helping me on the shoot was Tarik Ahmet who gave me the help I needed on such a fast-moving, gear heavy shoot. One of the main issues was the venue being a complete maze. If you’ve been before, you will understand how easy it is to get lost. We managed to get totally lost after the first nights shoot in the Jack The Ripper section… The realistic street sewage smells didn’t help things either…

Each scene was shot on both tripod and then handheld to get a more lifestyle/natural feel, so the client had both options to use. The actors were amazing and were able to ‘switch it on’ for our audience members. I shot some hilarious facial expressions which I’m rather proud of. The images ended up being used on internal signage and posters around the attraction.

london advertising photographer

It was a really unique and enjoyable job because it combined theatre, advertising and lifestyle in one shoot. This is a rare combination for a photographer and one I would love to work with again in the future.

So, after adapting to the smell of sewage and making friends with Jack the Ripper’s victims, I can now say that I do rather enjoy a night in a dungeon.


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